Babbling Brooks

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My spidey sense told me on Thursday to get my butt down to the lumber yard. The walnut board I wanted was being coveted.

I drove down to the lumber yard, and it was still there. But the yard owner told me a furniture maker was in that morning, wanting to turn it into table legs… Table legs instead of banjos would have been a travesty. (The opinions in this blog reflect only the view of one bias banjo maker.) If that board had been gone, I would be cussing tables for weeks—maybe even the whole year!  But i got it, and a perfect board is what it is. Six feet of perfectly quartered, straight and somewhat figured clear grain. Many colors in the walnut also! A gem.

Then I tried my luck with the yard where I get my cherry from and… bingo! A perfect 10 foot cherry board!

So Thursday was a great day. There will be some great necks coming out of all this wood—plus a few rims too!  A blow to the furniture world, I know. So sorry.